What Men Can Do publishes information about how men can respond to and prevent men’s violence against women. No To Violence has compiled this resource as men’s violence against women is one of the leading causes of poor physical and emotional health for both women and children. It is substantially more frequent than women’s violence against men, affecting over one in three women and their children.

We hope that you will find these tips useful to help create safer and less restrictive lives for women and children in your networks and communities, and beyond. Through this website you can:
listen, learn and understand about men’s violence against women, how inequality between men and women still exists and how this impacts on women and children,
reflect on your own choices that might impact on equality for women,
– learn how to support friends, family members or colleagues who might be experiencing violence,
– feel more confident to respond to sexist jokes and comments,
– become aware of some of the pitfalls that men can fall into when engaging in activities to prevent violence against women, and
– read and hear tips on what you can do in various settings to prevent violence against women.

Getting started
Watch this YouTube video about a group of men from Monash Council and Link Health and Community (in Victoria) who have come together to say no to violence against women and yes to equality and respect.

Read this blog entry about how a man working in the computer games industry realises he has sexist attitudes and behaviours, and what he is doing to challenge sexism. Find out more about sexism and misogyny in the gaming industry.

Read The danger of the monster myth by Tom Meagher: “One of the most disturbing moments of the past eighteen months of my life was hearing my wife’s killer form a coherent sentence in court…”

Read Clementine Ford’s article on what some men in positions of influence are doing to work towards gender equality and to end the victimisation of women.

A critical question
Why is the prevention of men’s violence against women an important issue for all men? Masks Off – A Challenge to Men provides a powerful answer to this question. Watch this short video now:

We need to take a stand
Danny Blay from No To Violence, Victoria’s male family violence prevention association speaks about the profound impact of male family violence on individuals and our community, and why it’s important to take action to stop it happening:

How to use What Men Can Do
You might get the most out of this website by working through each section in the order the links appear across the banner at the top to each page. We encourage White Ribbon Day ambassadors and other male allies in particular to access the resources on the site in this way and to not skip the key sections:
learn listen understand, and
before  moving on to
It is likely that you will need to work through the material on What Men Can Do over two or more sittings.

Keep up to date
We will be regularly updating the content, so if you haven’t done so already, sign up the for the emailed NTV News and Information Links Update and we will let you know each time we update the site.

Let’s now listen, learn and understand about men’s violence against women.

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